Risk Advisory

The value that EMEA Consulting Risk Advisory creates for organization's is synonymous with operational excellence. We maximize the performance of internal business operations by identifying, predicting, resolving and mitigating imminent threats and obstacles as well as enhancing the value of these operations.

Effective business strategies are created with the expectation to bridge the gap between reality and vision, caution and opportunity. The true test of these strategies and the tactics employed to inform and implement them is whether they stand up to:

  • The toil of daily business

  • Increased competitiveness

  • Shifting economic and environmental landscapes

  • Times of dramatic and unanticipated change

  • Cyber-attacks and sabotage

Unfortunately, when crafting and executing strategy, most organization's do not have the foresight to predict the:

  • Trials and tribulations they will encounter in achieving their goals.

  • The value they will create, protect, enhance or destroy when operationalizing their strategy.

Depending on an organization’s specific challenges and threats, RA will ensure that the road to operational excellence is clear and adapted to the situation the organization finds itself in. Our approach is to develop customized value propositions and solutions for organization's, through interrogating, analyzing and understanding the organization's information assets, policies, procedures, risks, controls, current and future strategic operational objectives. We do this through our six business units in RA that work in unison to provide integrated solutions unique to organizational requirements.

The extensive range of services that we offer include:

  • Security, Privacy and Resiliency

  • Forensic

  • Data Analytics

  • Governance, risk and Oversight

  • Technology Assurance and Advisory