New solutions to renew the Life Sciences industry

Recent scientific and technological advances, an aging population, the expansion into emerging markets, coupled with an exponential increase in mainstream adoption of digital technologies, are providing renewed platforms for the Life Sciences industry to revive its fortunes.

With an explosion in the availability digital data – including electronic health records, social, genomics, clinical and insurance – and more engaged consumers, we are ready to benefit from integrated drug manufacturing, clinical trials and a healthcare environment that not only provides the best care for its patients but is also rewarded through significant revenue growth.

The omnipresent availability of digital data and advancement in technologies are the key drivers shaping our focus on developing scalable platforms that provide more efficient patient care and heightened collaboration with partners while enhancing our existing investments in people and technology.

Empowering life sciences organization across the bench to the bedside value chain

The life sciences industry is transforming into a collaborative ecosystem for improved science, dynamic business strategies, patient centricity and data-driven solutions. To adapt to changing conditions such as the rise of the informed consumer, value-based medicine and developments in regulatory requirements, the EMEA Consulting Life Sciences practice offers organizations a host of solutions and services.

EMEA Consulting ‘Renew and New’ strategy helps life sciences, including pharmaceutical and biotech organizations, leverage technology to enhance the efficiency of their processes while continuously rethinking transformation to meet contemporary business needs.

EMEA Consulting suite of services
  • Life sciences IT foundation services: Help pharmaceutical and biotech organizations build, integrate, run and manage mission-critical applications efficiently with minimum costs. Our key foundation services include:

    • Application development and maintenance

    • Application portfolio rationalization: Portfolio assessment and rationalization

    • Infrastructure management and cloud services

  • Life sciences business solutions: Address complex, operational and administrative functions to overcome challenges in leveraging IT. Our key offerings include:

    • Packaged implementation for leading business applications

    • Marketing, HR, manufacturing, supply chain and distribution best practices

    • Analytics platform to create predictive insights

    • EMEA Consulting CRM solution for a comprehensive approach to biopharma sales and marketing

    • Digital marketing platform and services for end-to-end digital marketing operations

    • Compliance services to meet regulatory needs

  • Life sciences research and development solutions: Respond to research, development, safety and regulatory needs. Our research and development solutions include:

    • Life Sciences research analytics – a comprehensive research platform

    • EMEA Consulting Drug Repurposing platform creates value on research investment

    • Risk-based monitoring solution enables efficient clinical trials conduct

    • End-to-end clinical trial supply management (CTSM) streamlines supply chain and inventory management

    • EMEA Consulting Regulatory Submission platform provides a robust cloud-based solution

  • Life sciences consulting services: Bring together life sciences domain knowledge and cross-industry best practices to enable business transformation. Our offerings include:

    • Design Thinking led approach for insightful solutions

    • Proprietary frameworks for business transformation

    • EMEA Consulting repositories drive operational excellence at client sites

    • IT strategy and roadmap development

    • Automation of gathering, consolidating, validating and reporting on physician spend

Reimagining Healthcare Opportunities with Artificial Intelligence

Across the world, the healthcare industry is under tremendous pressure to meet the needs of patients who are no longer passive consumers but active participants; of physicians who are struggling to meet the needs of these patients; and of insurance providers that have to streamline payments and healthcare models to align with emerging healthcare delivery and financing models.

Healthcare as an industry continues to have one of the highest potentials for adopting newer technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and extracting maximum benefit to drive down operational efficiencies, enhance the quality of care and reduce the cost of care. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help the three key players collaborate more seamlessly and effectively to benefit each other. As an industry where adopting the latest technology is the norm, taking the AI route is more of a natural progression of it.