Renewing and building new capabilities to create the future of technology for the Public Sector

Around the world, public sector organizations are facing a range of challenges such as complex mission requirements, high expectations of citizen service levels, rapid technology changes and increased budget pressures. Our mission is to help public sector organizations address these challenges and deliver improved outcomes. We bring commercial best practices and industry solutions to suit specific requirements in different regions/countries and renowned execution capabilities to deliver measurable value with predictability.

Public sector organizations face immense pressure and uncertainty in executing their missions. They need to comply with complex mandates and meet stringent timelines cost-effectively. Increasing consumerism offers an opportunity to engage constituents in service delivery while improving reach at lower costs. Insights and innovation are crucial to charting the right course and strategic partners to support smarter execution. Public sector organizations need to renew existing systems and build new capabilities to support mission outcomes.

Our value proposition

We blend our industry-leading expertise in consulting, technology and sourcing to help our clients solve complex business problems and unlock value. Our innovative technology-based solutions combine global public sector experience with commercial practices from industries such as healthcare and financial services and proven execution and delivery to support mission outcomes:

  • Cross-industry experience– Fusing expertise from healthcare, financial services, transportation and other industries with global public sector experience across federal, state and local and quasi-government to bring unique insights and solutions.

  • Linking strategy and execution–Consulting expertise and value frameworks such as IMPACT / VRM to prioritize focus areas and investments aligned with agency mission and initiatives; strategy, To roadmap and a full range of business and IT solutions for implementation, testing and support.

  • Speed-to-market–Solutions and accelerators to fast-track deployment; strategic partnerships with best-of-breed technology specialists to configure and provide complete solutions.

  • Predictability and low-risk–Best practices, centres of excellence and local and global delivery assure value and ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget with compliance and transparency.

Building the future of technology for the public sector

Public sector organizations face a dual challenge – renew existing systems and processes to drive more efficiency and build new capabilities that leverage emerging technologies like automation, machine learning, digital and social to improve service delivery and outcomes.

Our suite of services and solutions help public sector organizations manage this duality by renewing existing systems and rapidly building new capabilities to engage citizens, provide insights to drive the organization and optimize operations to become more agile, efficient and cost-effective.

Services AiKiDo

Services for non-disruptive renewal of existing IT landscape, adoption of new technologies and building a culture of innovation.

  • Ai: Business platforms and Platforms as a service to help organizations rapidly adopt new solutions and build new capabilities.

  • Ki: Knowledge-based management of IT landscape to systematically harvest and curate enterprise knowledge to renew existing technology landscapes, optimize processes and drive innovation.

  • Do: Design Thinking and design-led initiatives to help organizations identify and prioritize the right problems and solve them in a rapid, iterative and differentiated manner.

Consulting Services

Services to help public sector organizations align their core mission, IT initiatives and investments, develop unique solutions, realize value from IT investments and deliver improved outcomes.

  • Strategy and architecture: Defining and implementing the right IT strategy to support the core mission and optimize operations, enhance agility and improve service delivery.

  • Business transformation: Defining, managing and governing complex, long-term organizational transformation programs.

  • Enterprise applications: Helping organizations select, implement and manage the right pre-packaged applications to build an integrated, efficient and agile process and IT landscape.

  • Digital transformation: Strategy and implementation support to help organizations adopt emerging technologies like social media, mobile, automation and more for improved citizen engagement.

  • Change and learning: Organizational change management services to ensure the successful adoption of new processes and systems by the users.

Technology Services

Application development and maintenance: 

Leveraging frameworks like ITIL, agile development models and proven execution methodologies to build, manage and maintain secure and scalable applications across technologies and platforms.


Employing traditional testing services including functional, regression, performance and next-gen services such as predictive QA, Big Data testing, automation and Managed Services to help organizations improve application quality and enhance performance while minimizing re-development costs.

Cloud, Infrastructure, Security: 

Cloud strategy and solutions that allow organizations to modernize IT infrastructure, drive extreme automation, re-imagine business processes and remain agile through an ideal mix of on-premise, public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Enterprise mobility: 

Optimizing reach and service delivery through a complete spectrum of mobile services — from envisioning and business solutions to mobile technology services.

Legacy Modernization

Proven system modernization services, solutions and tools for non-disruptive and accelerated modernization of legacy IT systems.

Analytics and Insights

Designing and implementing systems and tools that help organizations leverage the power of analytics to generate actionable insights that transform service delivery, optimize operations and combat waste and abuse.

ERP Services 

End-to-end services including package evaluation, implementation, upgrade, maintenance and support for a host of business applications including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Pega and Unit 4 to help organizations successfully implement pre-packaged applications and build the IT landscape of the future.


Services to help organizations accelerate their Digital transformation initiatives with a suite of offerings including customer experience, digitization of enterprise and Internet of Things.