Renewing learning and creating new value for the Education industry

Digital learning practices can help achieve the goals of your knowledge ecosystem. Personalized learning solutions and services can enhance knowledge and deliver better outcomes for certification programs. An educational institution or corporate training centre needs a customized approach to learning management and unique pedagogy and assessment methods.The EMEA Consulting Education practice helps you capitalize on technology to enhance the learning experience.

Renewing the learning process

A web-based content management system to create, manage, deliver and archive knowledge artifacts in diverse formats is learning imperative. Advanced search functionality to access relevant data reduces the cost of help desk operations. A robust user authentication method for controlling access to enterprise content ensures information security. Moreover, a comprehensive content management solution supports digital rights management. Competency profiles of employees should be created to identify skill gaps. Digital assessment tools provide an accurate evaluation of a course or skill development program. The results serve as a feedback mechanism for the learning process and system.

Enhancing learning with new systems

A learning ecosystem facilitates collaboration between learners, instructors, administrators and other stakeholders. Social learning in virtual classrooms, where learners and experts interact through video, audio and text chats, accelerates knowledge-sharing.

Students and corporate trainees can gain instant access to a knowledge repository through mobile devices. The learning modules and assessment tools should support a diverse range of mobile platforms and devices. A cloud-hosted learning ecosystem reduces IT infrastructure costs and ensures simultaneous adoption by multiple users.

Realize business value across the Education industry

Your knowledge enterprise has learning imperative: customize content to address specific requirements. The curriculum of educational institutions should make students ready for employment, while corporate training needs to enhance skills and groom leaders.

The EMEA Consulting Education practice collaborates with schools, research institutions, universities and companies to meet learning objectives. We combine classroom learning with digital techniques for knowledge sharing. We develop learning portals and migrate content to third-party learning, talent and performance management platforms.

EMEA Consulting establishes joint innovation labs with knowledge enterprises to develop and test prototype learning models and implement bespoke learning solutions. Our learning ecosystem ensures compliance with global qualification and certification standards. Our approach encourages the adoption of learning tools for continuous learning. Further, frameworks to analyze the effectiveness of learning and targeted interventions can help maximize the return on education investment.

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