Renew and create new value for your agriculture enterprise

The agriculture industry needs to address food security in the context of limited natural resources – arable land and fresh water. In addition, agriculture enterprises need to cater to diverse food habits of a growing population while adopting sustainable cultivation practices.

The EMEA Consulting Agriculture practice helps the community of farmers embrace technology to increase crop yield, mitigate risks of successive harvests and rationalize operational costs. We combine real-time data from the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, wireless sensors, geospatial systems and weather stations to respond to the dynamics of soil, moisture and crop across plantations. Our scientific farming approach maximizes the profitability of herds by optimizing veterinary care.

Our mobility solutions integrate geospatial imagery and data for smart agriculture, livestock management and logistics. Our artificial intelligence-based predictive analytics combines big data with machine learning capabilities to predict animal illness, crop stress and breakdown of farm equipment. It facilitates targeted applications and variable tariffs to maximize value per area.

How EMEA Consulting renews your agriculture enterprise

Your agriculture enterprise can increase crop yield and ensure sustainable operations with advanced animal husbandry, planning, production, harvesting and post-harvest management techniques.

The EMEA Consulting Agriculture practice connects the dots between on-field data and business insights of the farming ecosystem to transform operations across the agriculture life-cycle. Our advanced applications combine reference data, analytics and recommendation algorithms to determine the feasibility of crops/animals vis-à-vis climatic conditions, soil nutrients and cost of interventions required to achieve estimated output.

We authenticate field records to ensure traceability across the agricultural supply chain. Our agro-ecological mapping tools process data of soil moisture, sunlight, rainfall, soil fertility, humidity, pests and weeds to drive crop management. Our sustainability solutions boost yield to seed ratio, storage and distribution services minimize food waste and herd management systems support regulatory compliance.


  • Commodity Trading and Risk Management

  • Farm Mechanization

  • Livestock Management

  • Logistics

  • Precision Farming

  • Warehouse Management


  • Digital Supply Chain

  • Food Safety

  • Sustainable Farming


  • Environment

  • Health

  • Safety

  • Field Force Management