Financial Services Solutions

When EMEA Consulting Financial Services (FS) began its journey, we were a bunch of people with the sole purpose of redefining technology usage in banking. More than three decades later, EMEA Consulting FS practice has evolved into a thriving macrocosm. Our IT solutions for financial services contribute to nearly one-third of the company’s revenues. What has not changed after all these years however is the fact that at our core, we still intend to redefine the way banks use technology.

Today, ‘Digitization’ is the name of the modern game and EMEA Consulting is at the forefront of this movement. The biggest trend defining the global financial services industry is a digital disruption. Unless banks and other financial institutions embrace this fast-paced digital transformation, they face the threat of becoming obsolete.

Keeping up with technology and the market is indispensable for survival. In addition, renewing existing systems to strengthen your core along with developing new platforms to foster innovation is the only way for banks to thrive in an increasingly dynamic world.

Bearing this in mind, we, at EMEA Consulting, are re-creating the future with our refreshed strategy that redefines IT solutions for financial services:

  • Renewing our core

  • Innovating to new

  • Bringing in a culture of learning

Renew the core: At EMEA Consulting, we are helping our customers to transition from “people only” to “people + software work”, through a combination of automation and innovation.

Innovate to new: With Design Thinking at the core, EMEA Consulting is in the pursuit of not only solving the known problem but also identifying hidden issues, which could open up new possibilities. Innovative offerings in automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence are redefining the way we help clients address business challenges. The ground-up, grassroots approach of Zero Distance and AiKiDo ensure that every developer, project manager, analyst and the architects at “Zero Distance” – to the end user, underlying technology and value that we deliver. This ensures that innovating to the new is not only desirable but also viable and feasible.

The culture of learning: We are fostering an environment of knowledge sharing through a combination of collaboration, education and empowerment.

In an era where customers are spoilt for choice, technology dictates the thin line between good and great. At EMEA Consulting, we invite you to experience technology innovations that are highly tailored, relevant and viable.

Financial Services IT Consulting Services

There has never been a better or more challenging time to witness the financial services industry. Never before has an industry given us this great an opportunity to rethink the notion of services by marrying human potential together with software and platforms and to drive the digital transformation of the world around us. We, as an organization, are revolutionizing ourselves to help clients deal with disruption.

Today, most of our customers in the FS space are grappling with a three-dimensional approach to transformation. They are looking to derive more value from existing systems to improve efficiencies while also creating new products and models to drive digital customer experiences. And like us, they are also looking to do all this while creating a culture of learning and innovation in their organizations.

Our whole renew-new strategy, which centres around our knowledge-based offerings, is based on deep learning and understanding to harness the information residing in systems and dramatically lower costs by bringing in automation. Our core strategy of ‘people, software and platform,’ revolves around digitization and automation and is taking artificial intelligence and machine learning to the next level

Forming the backbone of these services is our decades of experience in traditional services such as application management, engineering services, data analytics and deeply customized technology consulting services across business areas.

We believe that our bold new offerings not only define a re-energized EMEA Consulting but also provide our customers with a platform that becomes a stepping stone for digital innovation. If you are a financial services institution looking to optimize, streamline, re-invent or disrupt— EMEA Consulting is your one-stop innovation shop for financial IT consulting!