Forensic Audit

Accountants (CPA/RA/AA) look at the numbers. Forensic accountants look behind the numbers.

If you’re concerned about financial discrepancies and financial fraud, you need more than an accountant/auditor. You need a certified forensic accountant (CrFAs) who specializes in forensic accounting. If you want to know why your numbers don’t match, call EMEA Consulting for an in-depth financial investigation.

Our team of certified forensic accountants, certified fraud examiners, certified public accountants, investigators and researchers are thoroughly trained and will not only find financial discrepancies-they’ll find out who, what, where, why, when and how all during the course of our forensic accounting financial investigation.

More importantly, we’ll help you put together and implement systems and controls to prevent internal or external fraud from happening again. Our CrFAs, CPAs and CFEs specialize in the following areas:

  • Fraud Detection

  • Expert Testimony

  • Discovery Assistance

  • Damage Computation

  • Determination of Compliance

  • Claims Analysis

If you decide to pursue legal recourse, we’ll be by your side, ready to stand as expert witnesses to testify about the specifics of the crime uncovered during our forensic accounting investigation. We’ll also educate the court as to the nature of forensic accounting and fraud examinations, which shows our credibility in the field of forensic accounting.

If you feel that your company is, or has been, a victim of financial fraud and you need a certified forensic accountant or CFE, or if you’d like to fraud-proof your business and implement proven safeguards, contact EMEA Consulting.