Blockchain Solutions

Imagine being able to transfer value or prevent contractual disputes over the Internet—without going through a third party. Confidently, Securely and almost instantly. Blockchain-based technology could revolutionize business practices as we know them.

EMEA Consulting sees enormous potential for blockchain in all industries. We’ve developed the strategy and implementation capabilities necessary to help financial institutions, Government institutions, technology companies and startups take advantage of this transformative technology. Our global team (Partners) of experienced business, technology and regulatory leaders can help you identify how blockchain can benefit your organization and how to rapidly move these initiatives forward.

    • How can my team and I learn more about Blockchain?.

    • Can I use Blockchain? Where and How?

    • Readiness: What is the impact of blockchain on my organization?

    • How do I implement a blockchain solution?

How can my team and I learn more about blockchain?

EMEA Consulting gathers executives, product owners, risk and regulatory specialists, business unit leaders, startups/emerging blockchain companies and strategy influencers in small, focused management workshops to identify disruptive blockchain actions.

Facilitated workshops for participants to frame use cases incorporating the latest trends that address real business problems. Workshop results that focus on actions needed to drive market-leading solutions.

Can I use Blockchain? Where and How?

Proof of value opportunity assessment:

EMEA Consulting provides a comprehensive assessment of internal front-to-back operating and IT models and the external marketplace. We advise on best uses of blockchain and establish a proof of value (PoV) case for your organization.

  • Analyze your existing platform.

  • Assess your change portfolio.

  • Suggest ways to optimize your products.

  • Gauge the marketplace, which may include analyzing opportunities for partnering and acquisition and the industry-wide case for change.

Product strategy assessment:

EMEA Consulting provides product development insights and delivers a comprehensive go-to-market strategy by assessing the following:

  • Target market

  • Client base

  • Value proposition

  • Pricing strategy

Operational risk and readiness assessment:

Drawing on information gleaned from leading experts and proprietary views, EMEA Consulting analyzes how blockchain will affect your organization’s ability to maintain regulatory compliance and manage operational and financial risk.

  • Outline ramifications of blockchain, whether adopted internally or by outside parties.

  • Highlight the implications of pending and emerging regulatory standards on your operating model and technology initiatives.

What is the impact of blockchain on my organization?

Proof of value (PoV) execution:

EMEA Consulting designs a customized, blockchain-based test that demonstrates both the viability of the technology while providing a mechanism to measure business impact.

  • Analyze functional and technical scoping.

  • Assess vendor solutions.

  • Develop rapid prototyping, including end to end build support.

  • Measure the case for change.

  • Forge a path for implementing blockchain.

End-to-end operating model development:

EMEA Consulting proposes a model that can encompass all aspects of a future state market infrastructure across organization/governance, end to end business process and platform capabilities.

  • Operational and cross-functional/divisional impact analysis

  • Future state capabilities assessment and a detailed business process design

  • Governance design

  • Functional and technical architecture solution design

  • Intellectual property considerations


How do I implement a blockchain solution?

Ultimately, any solution, no matter how prescient, is only as good as its execution. This is where EMEA Consulting excels—by offering proven expertise in managing complex implementation programs from start to finish.

What EMEA Consulting delivers?

  • Business and functional requirements

  • Design, development, testing and training of blockchain solutions

  • Integration and management of third-party implementation partners

  • Rigorous PMO and proactive management of overall efforts